20th Aug Journalism

How we Met: Vitali Vitaliev & Clive James

I met Clive for the first time in 1988, on air; or rather he met me because he could see me and I couldn't see him. It was in Moscow and one day I got a call inviting me to appear on a serious political talk show, introduced by Clive James. I had no idea who Clive James was, but I put on my suit and

17th Dec Journalism

How we Met: Kathy Lette & Spike Milligan

KATHY LETTE: Spike Milligan was my first great love. I was about 15, and while all the other girls were madly in love with pop stars, for me it was Spike, Spike, Spike. I lived and breathed for him. If you can make a joke you can transcend any drama or trauma - and Spike's got a black belt in the ar

17th Sep Journalism

How we Met: Ross Benson & Ingrid Seward

Ross Benson was educated at Gordonstoun. He joined the Daily Mail in 1967. Since 1973, he has worked for the Daily Express; for the past eight years, he has edited his own gossip column. Aged 46, he lives in Belgravia, London, with his wife, Ingrid Seward, and their six-year-old daughter, Arabella.

2nd Jul Journalism

How we met - Cynthia Payne & Screaming Lord Sutch

Cynthia Payne, 64, was born in Bognor. In 1980, she served four months in prison for running a disorderly house. She has been the subject of two films, Personal Services and Wish You Were Here.

2nd Jul Journalism

How we met - Quentin Crisp & Donald Carroll

Quentin Crisp, born in 1908, went to art school, but never earned his living as a painter. After a spell as a male prostitute, he was an artists' model from 1930 until 1978. He now lives and performs one-man shows in New York. His first book was The Naked Civil Servant; his latest, Resident Alien, i

18th Jun Journalism

How we Met: Uzi Mahnaimi & Bassam Abu-Sharif

Uzi Mahnaimi, 42, was born in Tel Aviv. Formerly in Israeli military intelligence, for whom he recruited new agents, he left the army in 1987 to join the staff of Israel's biggest- selling newspaper, Yediouth Ahronot.

4th Jun Journalism

Harold Wilson would have drowned but for us

First-hand Isabel Wolff recalls how her family rescued the then Opposition leader - and changed history

29th Jan Journalism

Warning off the office beast

What's the difference between an exuberantly over-sexed dog, and an office executive who offends with similarly mis-directed behaviour? Not much, according to a new Dutch television commercial...

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