15th Aug Journalism

70th Anniversary of VJ Day

Today’s 70th Anniversary of VJ Day is not simply a historical milestone, but the last commemoration that...

1st Feb Journalism

How to write good, realistic dialogue

Dialogue is what happens when two or more character talk to each other. We've all read novels in which that conversation is conveyed very awkwardly and this clumsiness pulls us out of the book

4th Nov Journalism

More on The Forgotten Women of the War in the East

I've always had a fascination for the Pacific War. It began at 8, when I learned that my parents' friend, Dennis, had been a POW in Burma. My mother told me, in hushed tones, that Denis had 'suffered terribly' and seen 'terrible things' although she didn't want to say...

19th Oct Journalism

The Forgotten Women of the ‘War in the East’

Here's a longer piece I wrote for the BBC about the women in the Far East who were 'starved, worked and beaten' by the Japanese.

11th Dec Journalism

RIP Woolies

Where do you think David Cameron bought his Christmas wrapping paper this year? His wife's Bond Street stationers, perhaps? Or some achingly fashionable designer boutique? Not exactly.

11th Apr Journalism

A warm and witty novel with a clever twist on Shakespeare

Wolff is everything journalists love. She's bubbly, hysterical, totally radio-ready and always with a cracking good line...

23rd Mar Journalism

How did the real hero of the anti-slavery movement get airbrushed out of history?

On one of his many investigative visits to Liverpool, then the world's largest slave ship port, Thomas Clarkson stopped at the end of a pier with rage in his heart.

4th Apr Journalism

Botox Ballot Box

I'm sitting in the Wimpole Street surgery of Jean-Louis Sebagh - the Botox "king". He lives in Paris but spends three days a week in London, smoothing the brows of the celebrated and the civilian. Demand for his deft needlework is brisk. "I've had some very agitated ladies on the phone this morning,

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