11th Dec Journalism

Real Life: Greetings from Club Dead Seances are out, mediumship awareness workshops are in

Down a long, winding country lane, a mere ouija board's throw from Stansted airport, the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College is doing good business...

12th Jun Journalism

My lunch at Daphne’s

Glyndebourne was heavenly,' intoned the elegantly dressed fortysomething woman seated at the table next to mine. 'Just divine.' She adjusted her pale yellow Gucci scarf. 'Mozart...

12th Jun Journalism

Aaaah… ylang ylang

''YOU'RE a lavenderish sort of person,' announced my aromatherapist, Amanda Jones, triumphantly. 'Yes, lavender. Definitely. With a touch of geranium and just a hint of ylang-ylang.'

22nd May Journalism

Who’s the prat in the white tuxedo?

The Rock Circus is the fastest growing attraction for visitors in London. It has had 682,000 people through its turnstiles in the last year...

8th May Journalism

Goodbye Che, hello Claudia

ATHENA, whose glossy posters of Che Guevara and a tennis-playing girl scratching her bottom adorned student walls for two-and-a-half decades, is in trouble...

20th Mar Journalism

What Bienvenida’s husband wrote to me

I find you utterly captivating, enchanting, intelligent, practical, determined, overwhelmingly beautiful and desirable,' wrote Sir Peter Harding, now famously, to Bienvenida Buck

19th Dec Journalism

Real Life: A girl who still has everything

'What do you like about Barbie?' I asked seven-year-old Sara Thorp from Lancashire. We were standing in the Barbie Dolls department on the top floor of Hamleys toy shop in London...

12th Dec Journalism

Don’t ask why, just put a lid on it

"So there we all were, in Lisa's semi in Chingford; Bev and Liz and Elaine and Lisa and Kate and Mary and I, politely sipping our wine and waiting for the show to start...

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