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The Trials of Tiffany Published by:
Onyx Fiction 1999
ISBN: 0-451-40888-8
The Trials of Tiffany Trott

Oh, the trials of Tiffany Trott...

There was Philip. Charming, attractive... and commonly known as Phil Anderer. There was Alex. Sensitive, thoughtful... and a bit too fond of women's underwear. And then there was Seriously Successful - the man she met through the personals and who really was Mr. Right - for his wife.

But that's all behind her. Tiffany Trott is not one to give up. So she's holding her nose and plunging right back into the mating pool. And in this hilarious novel of dates and disasters, friendships and fix-ups, she's going to do her best to find knight in shining armor. Or at least a guy in men's underwear...

The Reviews

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
In this hilarious and distinctly British debut novel, 37-year old Tiffany Trott, a recently dumped London copy writer, takes desperate measures to find Mr Right, or at least Mr. 'ok-looking-bordering-on-the-almost-acceptable.' Armed with expensive cosmetics and designer duds, Trott vows to waste no time on golfers, 'commitophobes', cross-dressers, or men with the distasteful names Terry, Kevin or Duane. Wolff cleverly chronicles the inevitable disillusionments befalling Trott as she responds to personal ads, attends singles events, signs up at introduction agencies and goes on a long list of blind dates - only to meet the likes of a lecherous television reporter and a 'Seriously Successful' married man. Trott's compulsive list-making, large circle of friends and unique ability to commiserate with household appliances set up Wolff's one-liners. Her distinctive humor is consistent, most memorably in Trott's experience as birthing coach to an unmarried friend - she graciously accepts the assumption that she is a lesbian partner. Quaint English vocabulary - 'nosh', 'knackered', 'beastly', 'pernicketiness' - will add to the amusement for stateside readers.

The New Yorker
In 'The Trials of Tiffany Trott (Onyx), by Isabel Wolff, the heroine is an aging ad writer who re-enters the dating scene when her 'mimsy, fussy, girly' boyfriend Alex flees, apparently overcome by guilt that he hasn't yet proposed to her. Tiffany is non-plussed. 'Marriage?' she says. 'Good Lord, no. It never entered my mind.' Tiffany bides her time with bounders and bores until she attracts a dashing married man nicknamed 'Seriously Successful'., When Successful leaves his wife, though, Tiffany suddenly finds him 'Seriously Suffocating'.

Jennifer Belle, author of 'Going Down'
'A surprising, satisfying and 'seriously successful' journey on top of a double-decker - but look out - this book will definitely make you miss your stop!'

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