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Rescuing Rose Published by:
Red Dress Ink 2003
ISBN: 0-373-25048-7
Behaving Badly

Who does an advice columnist ask for help?

Thirty-six-sh, well, thirty-eight... no, actually, thirty-nine-year-old advice columnist Rose Costelloe thought she'd solved all her problems when she got married after a whirlwind two-month courtship. But seven months and an extremely public smash-up later (embarrassing, when you dole out relationship wisdom for a living), things are looking thorny for Rose. Her job's in jeopardy, her finances are in shambles and she's being plagued by a stalker who seems to know rather a lot about the mysterious circumstances of her birth.

Sometimes rescue comes from an unexpected source

Her zany friends suggest she get a roommate, and at first Theo, a geeky accountant, seems like the perfect choice for resolutely single Rose. Soon, however, she's seeing stars - Theo has a secret passion for astronomy and he might just be fond of his pricly redheaded landlady, as well. Will Rose be able to chart her own course?

Stephanie Hughes, BBC Radio 3
'Very clever and very humourous'

She Magazine

'Will make you laugh out loud and tug your heartstrings at the same time'

Marie Claire
'The bestseller Wolff has once again produced a surefire summer blockbuster.'

Ham and High
'Wolff has produced a hilarious, buoyant, enthralling romance with rich emotional and metaphorical depths and dazzling story-telling... Rescuing Rose is rich in comedy, exquisitely structured and held together with fully realized characters that weave together marvellously.'

Time Out
'Too clever for chicklit'

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