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Making Minty Malone Published by:
Onyx Fiction 1999
ISBN: 0-451-40925-6
The Making of Minty Malone


Minty Malone had finally made it to her own wedding... only to have her face go whiter than her dress when her darling Dominic answered the crucial question with a resounding "No." now this sweet-tempered radio reporter is navigating a sudden U-turn back up the aisle and into the singles' zone. After throwing a few fits, throwing herself into her work, and throwing her bouquet (over the side of a bridge), she's about to discover that love is indeed a blessing - and being dumped by Dominic just might be a blessing in disguise.

Publishers' Weekly
From the author of 'The Trials of Tiffany Trott' comes an amusing tale about Minty Malone's year-long recovery after being jilted at the altar by her insurance salesman fiance the self-righteous Dominic. Determined to overcome the 'Dominic Effect', Minty a London radio reporter, gives her engagement ring to a street musician, takes off on a Paris honeymoon with her bridesmaid, and enrolls in a seminar on how not to be so helplessly nice that everyone takes advantage of her. Minty's workplace (in which she must compete with a lisping coworker for the job of presenter and fend off letters from a stalker) and home life (where cousin Amber and her obnoxious parrot have just moved in) prove to be fertile settings for the author's unwavering sense of humor and offhand wit. Wolff's talent for outrageous characters, like Minty's hopeless, 'philanthropoholic' mother who supports such charities as the Canine Prosthetics Association, and the Boys 'R Us male escort who can't quite discussing his bowel problems, more than makes up for the novel's sappy ending.

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