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Out of the Blue Published by:
HarperCollins 2001
ISBN: 0-00-651341-7
Out of the Blue

The champagne corks have barely finished popping in celebration of Faith's fifteen years of wedded bliss with Peter before a small, niggling doubt sets in. On the surface, Faith and Peter have a lot to be thankful for: two teenage children, an enduring partnership and glamorous media careers – he as a publisher, she as a TV weather girl.

But a casual, barbed comment by her bitchy magazine editor friend Lili makes Faith wonder whether her world is as wonderful as it seems on the surface. Is Peter's odd behaviour of late purely the result of stress at work? Is Faith really too smug and trusting?

As the kernel of unease swells and begins to burgeon inside her, Faith finds herself on a quest that leads to a shake-up of everything she holds dear – but which in the end, enables her to reforge her life.

Emma Freud
'A FABULOUS romantic comedy.'

Helen Lederer
'A warm, witty romantic comedy. Perfect! Isabel's books have a lot of substance as well as the fun.'

Woman's Journal
'A book full of witty one-liners and comic observations that will make you smile with recognition.'

'You' Magazine
'A brilliantly witty look at love and life after marriage.'

'An unputdownable modern comedy of manners, tackling love in a long term relationship in generous and delightfully comic fashion.'

London Magazine
'A nice, fat summer-holiday sized romantic comedy with a heroine who is a TV forecaster but who is unable to predict the course of her own life.'

The Hampstead and Highgate Express
'A warm and witty romantic comedy - a great fluffy, crunchy, meringue of a book.'

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