Isabel Wolff
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A Dress to Die For
IT'S BEEN A YEAR NOW since I opened Flashback, my vintage dress shop. Before that I had a stall on Portobello but that was hard going...

 Published The Times, 2008   

Beastly Behaviour
'Right, Josh. That's it,' said Mum. 'That really is it.' She reached for my tartan coat and began to shove me into it. 'I've warned you,' she said through gritted teeth.

 Published Sunday Express, 2003   

Post Haste
'Problems, problems' Jane muttered as she opened her mail bag on Monday. 'Problems, problems,' she repeated testily. 'As though I don't have enough of my own.'
 Published 'You' magazine, the Mail on Sunday, 2002   

Post Haste
He was certainly clever, Jane thought as she pulled navy mascara through her pale lashes.
 First Published 'Girls' Night In', HarperCollins 2000   

Lonely Heart
Kate turned, as she often turned these days, to the page with the lonely hearts.....   

Published in 'You' Magazine, the Mail on Sunday, 1998