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Isabel's Journalism

Here is a selection of Isabel's more recent journalism and interviews that can be found online.

Daily Mail

RIP Woolies
11th December 2008

How did the real hero of the anti-slavery movement get airbrushed out of history?
23rd March 2007

New Statesman

Botox Ballot Box
4th April 2005

In Defence of Romance
2nd March 2004

The Independent

The writing at the ball
24th July 2004

Incomparable Chocolate Mousse
13th March 2004

How we met: Vitali Vitaliev & Clive James
20th August 1996

How we met: Quentin Crisp & Donald Carroll
21st July 1996

How we met: Kathy Lette & Spike Milligan
17th December 1995

How we met: Ross Benson & Ingrid Seward
17th September 1995

How we met: Cynthia Payne & Screaming Lord Sutch
17th September 1995

How we met: Uzi Mahnaimi & Bassam Abu-Sharif
18th June 1995

Harold Wilson would have drowned but for us
4th June 1995

Warning off the office beast
9th January 1995

Real Life: Greetings from Club Dead Seances are out, mediumship awareness workshops are in
11th December 1994

Aaaah .. ylang ylang:
12th June 1994

Who's the prat in the white tuxedo?
22nd May 1994

Goobye Che, hello Claudia
8th May 1994

Profile: Queen of Sofadom
7th November 2003

My lunch at Daphne's
12th June 1994

What Bienvenida's husband wrote to me
20th March 1994

Real Life: A girl who still has everything
19th December 1993

Don't ask why, just put a lid on it
12th December 1993

Real Life: Adultery: don't do it
5th December 1993

Guardian Unlimited

Top Ten Books set in the Midlands

Evening Standard

Praising Chick Lit
14th July 2003

Weston Mercury

Weston Mercury Interview/Book Review
11th April 2006


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