15th Aug Journalism

70th Anniversary of VJ Day

Today’s 70th Anniversary of VJ Day is not simply a historical milestone, but the last commemoration that...

23rd Feb News

Ghostwritten - RoNA 2015 award nominee

I'm delighted to say that Ghostwritten has been shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association RoNA award...

2nd Feb News

Shadows Over Paradise

Very excited about the American edition of Ghostwritten, which will be published as Shadows Over Paradise by Random House on Tuesday February 10th

1st Feb Journalism

How to write good, realistic dialogue

Dialogue is what happens when two or more character talk to each other. We've all read novels in which that conversation is conveyed very awkwardly and this clumsiness pulls us out of the book

11th Nov News

As Featured on ‘Interstellar’...

Most writers struggle to get attention for their novels; grateful for a review or two in the national press or in the women's magazine... This week I got help from a completely unexpected quarter...

4th Nov Journalism

More on The Forgotten Women of the War in the East

I've always had a fascination for the Pacific War. It began at 8, when I learned that my parents' friend, Dennis, had been a POW in Burma. My mother told me, in hushed tones, that Denis had 'suffered terribly' and seen 'terrible things' although she didn't want to say...

19th Oct Journalism

The Forgotten Women of the ‘War in the East’

Here's a longer piece I wrote for the BBC about the women in the Far East who were 'starved, worked and beaten' by the Japanese.

16th Oct

The Other Side of the POW Story

I was thrilled when Richard Flanagan’s ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’ won this year’s Man Booker Prize. Set on the Thai-Burma ‘Death Railway’ it’s a magnificent novel..

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